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What is Yerba Mate?

Great Quality Great Price

Mate cup is really nice for the price. It’s very clean and smooth. The bambesha is really good quality & it comes with something to clean it with. It also comes with directions on how to prepare Mate. I bought it for myself but the packaging is nice and it would be a fantastic gift. I love the logo on the box as well. Very classy! This is a great product for the price and will last a long time. Highly Recommend



I love this mate cup! Easier to clean than the wooden one I bought as a souvenir in Argentina. I like the modern design and the bombilla (straw) is great! I am considering buying another so that my husband and I can both sip mate together. It brings us back to our time spent in Buenos Aires.


Great Gift!

I love this mate cup! A modern unisex exterior design and insulated on the inside. I love that there is a cleaning brush for the bombilla as well as an insert explaining exactly how to prepare your mate. Takes me back to my time studying abroad in Argentina.

Amanda M Hernandez