About Us

Message from our founder Reta

My husband and I love community simply because it was how we were raised. In this hustle and bustle of a world, we cherish little moments with family and friends.

We wanted to share a bit of our family. We thought of no better way than sharing Yerba Mate and its incredible natural powers with you. Every sip from our cups we hope helps bring you closer to the ones you love. Maybe it's that extra pep in your step, perhaps it's just sharing laughter and joy with friends; whatever that moment is for you, we are grateful for you sharing it with our products.

Our company name is Sip-a-mate, has a lot of different meanings. The word "Sip" "Sipali" means "pour me" in several translations or in English can mean "try me.

So... Pour me OR Try a Mate: Sip-a-mate has created the perfect mate for every occasion. On the go, at home, or sharing a perfect gift with friends.

"Pour into Love"
Reta & Family