Yerba Mate Gourd Mate Cup and Bombilla Mate Tea Set

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Yerba Mate Cup 4 Oz Yerba Mate Gourd Cup Wooden Finish Double Walled Stainless Steel Cup with Mate Straw

  • High Quality & Unique Design- Our wooden finished 4Oz bombilla yerba mate gourd tea set is graceful and stylish in appearance. It comes with a bombilla mate straw along with it. This yerba mate gourd tea set is the best for daily use. Being distinctive and unique in its design, it is an ideal yerba mate gourd tea set for regular mate drinkers or for those who are desirous for mate.
  • Bombilla Mate Straw- Our Bombilla mate straw is made from high quality stainless steel and specially designed for yerba mate. A comfortable angled tip for easily positioning the head. The filter makes sipping mate more healthy and convenient.
  • Double Walled & Wooden Finished- The double walled feature makes mate tea cup great for both hot and cold beverages. Its stainless steel and wooden finished features give an elegant look and help to keep your tea set safe from damage. You can also use this yerba mate gourd set for other drinks as well. Works well with palo santo as well.
  • Easy To Prepare & Clean- Yerba gourd tea set is made of stainless steel and can easily be cleaned without any problem. This yerba mate gourd tea set is dish-washer friendly, mate set can be cleaned with any soft cloth, and no special tools are needed for cleaning. Mate gourd kit is made to last long, stainless steel material used in this yerba mate gourd cup prevents it from rust. So, it has a no-rust guarantee too.
  • Temperature Controller - Yerba mate gourd cup double walled, and wooden finished ability does not let the outer temperature affect the inner section, that makes yerba mate cup able to maintain inner temperature of your drinks whether cold or hot for a long time. So, this mate gourd kit is well suited and a perfect yerba mate gourd cup set for all seasons.
  • Rich History & Known Benefits - Gourd is the traditional method used by millions of people around the world to enjoy mate infused tea. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that can boost your energy and mental focus. It can also boost your physical performance. It can protect you from different infections and will help you to stay healthy.